Running around KL City..

Bright, early morning setting up the make-up and styling room at Raffles College, Kuala Lumpur for our first scene (where we both actually studied and met for the first time)!


Our loved and trusted make-up artist:

Fiefy did a funky eye make-up on our first cast, Jia Hui - a part-time model and a fashion graduate.

"too cool for school"

We wanted to capture her as an everyday college girl that looks forward to dressing up to her classes.

Chryssa Frost

Catching Up...

The aunties shared many many amazing stories from their past experiences to their after retirement lives and how they felt like young and beautiful again to be all dolled up!


"I'll catch you on the flip side."

Onto the last location for the day which was at Mont Kiara Skate Park.


We were lucky to cast an OG skater - Joe Ipoh for this campaign. It was definitely the most challenging shot to capture.

Warhol in Midnight Blue